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June 13-17, 2022

Resonance Institute, a part of the Honeywell Arts Academy, aims to inspire the next generation of expansive musicians. Resonance gives unconventional musicians and already formed groups an opportunity to learn from one another alongside the world renowned faculty, to push their artistry forward while also addressing the entrepreneurial facet of the music industry. All programs at the Honeywell Arts Academy focus on fostering the human spirit by performing within the community to use music as a means to connect and heal, instilling this foundation for artists to take throughout their career.  With faculty Peter Dugan, Charles Yang, Ranaan Meyer, and Nick Kendall.


Photo: Jacob Blickenstaff


Application Requirements

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older

Submissions open November 2020 and close February 15, 2021


An application fee will be applied to each application as follows:

  • early bird $50 application fee until 11:59 EST December 31 2020 

  • standard $75 application fee January 1 2021 until application deadline February 12 2021


To be notified when applications open, please submit email above.

Resonance Institute - Innovative Entrepreneurial Musicians

To apply, the ensemble/musician must submit a standard application which requests information about how long they have been performing, along with their music education background. Candidates must also submit an audition video including 2-3 contrasting songs along with a 60 second description as to why this will benefit their career. 

Artists are selected based on their merit, passion, story, ability to work with a team, and overall potential. The administration, artistic director, and faculty assess the musicians through a process of 2 rounds: preliminaries and finals. Following this, they create an acceptance for the finalists and anywhere from 2 to 5 high level alternate selections in the case that one or two finalists are unable to attend.

For questions please contact emeyer@honeywellartsacademy.org.


Honeywell Arts Academy is a program of the Honeywell Foundation, a non-profit arts organization. Monetary gifts to the arts academy are tax deductible.