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Our Legacy


"May it ever be useful to them."

- Mark C. Honeywell at the 1952 dedication of the Honeywell Center, the inaugural project of the newly established Honeywell Foundation

Mark C. Honeywell

Born and raised in Wabash, Indiana in the latter part of the 19th century, Mark C. Honeywell was once a young entrepreneur seeking success in business. He found success with an ingenious start-up venture in his beloved hometown.


Honeywell Inc.

In the early 20th century, Mr. Honeywell developed the first hot water heating systems and automatic thermostats in North America. Industrial ingenuity catapulted him to great financial success and put his Honeywell Heating Specialties business on the map.

Honeywell Heating Specialties quickly grew and merged with other companies over the years. Eventually, Mr. Honeywell's small-town operation developed into the multi-national, Fortune 500 Corporation known today as Honeywell Inc.


Honeywell Foundation

Mr. Honeywell was regarded as one of the most successful industrialists of his day, but was as equally passionate about philanthropy and the arts as he was about business.


In 1941, he founded The Honeywell Foundation to oversee development and construction of the Honeywell Memorial Community Center (now known as the Honeywell Center) in downtown Wabash, Indiana.


Originally a combination gym/performing arts theatre, Mr. Honeywell designed the arts and community amenities to be “ever useful” to the residents throughout Indiana.

Our Venues

Mr. Honeywell's commitment to Wabash’s enrichment started with one community center in 1941. Today, The Honeywell Foundation operates seven venues and countless community-centered programs.

All of The Honeywell Foundation’s venues and programs uphold Mr. Honeywell's original vision of “artistic, social, cultural, and recreational opportunities for all.”


Honeywell Center

Completed in 1952

Expanded in 1994


Charley Creek Gardens

Acquired in 2015

Eagles Theatre

Acquired in 2010

Renovated in 2020

Eagles Theatre


Dr. Ford Historic Home

Acquired in 2015


Honeywell House

Acquired in 2010


13-24 Drive In

Acquired for operations in 2011


Clarkson House

Acquired for operations in 2022

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