Mary Zarbano, Dreamscapes

On display July 14-Aug. 21

Clark Gallery

Honeywell Center

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As is the case with many visual artists, the full scope of an artist’s work goes generally unappreciated until after their passing. Vincent van Gogh sold one painting during his lifetime and passed away without notice – fast forward precisely a century and one of his paintings sells for $148 million at auction. Why does it take so long for an artist to become a sensation? We may never know, but such may very well be the case for the California artist, Mary Zarbano. Born in Nebraska in 1931, Zarbano became heavily influenced by modernist painters. After studying with Picasso and Chagall in New York, she settled in Buena Park, CA, and painted every day of her life until her passing in 2019. Immensely prolific, not just as a painter but also a sculptor, Zarbano’s work has been exhibited many times in California during her life but never left the west coast.

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